Updated: 01/25/01

1973 Craftsman H/V Bandsaw

Craftsman Bandsaw

This is my 1973 Craftsman Commercial horizontal/vertical metal cutting bandsaw. That is the original steel strap stand. It has similar capability to the imported 4"x6"" H/V bandsaws that are popular in many small shops. But this one is made in the USA. It looks the same as an Atlas bandsaw so right now, I assume Atlas built it for Sears. It uses a 60" blade and though less common than the 64-1/2" blades on the imported machines, they are still readily available. I usually reserve this saw to cut non-ferrous metals and use my abrasive cutoff saw when cutting steel stock.

    Craftsman Bandsaw Specifications

Origin U.S.A.
Date of Manufacture 1973
Model 101.22950
Capacity 3" x 6"
Motor Craftsman, 1/2hp, 1725rpm, 115/230vac, 60hz, 1 phase

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